Raja Ampat For Non Divers

Raja Ampat For Non Divers, Why Not ~ After days of research for our particular upcoming trip to Indonesia, I had almost given up. Raja Ampat looked as a diver’s paradise because I couldn’t see much else than pictures of colorful fishes and corals. Annually thousands of individuals from all over the planet arrived here to discover the diversity under the ocean ; what were non-divers like me, who had only snorkeled twice in much friendlier waters of Thailand before, to carry out there? It looked rather expensive too. But only one picture was sufficient to change our minds. It was eventually unlike anything we‘d seen before and wanted to witness it first-hand. Here is picture. 

Unfortunately, although we caused it to be to Raja Ampat, we missed Wayag Island due to unforeseen foggy climate in Raja Ampat. But Raja Ampat is really a place worth visiting a minimum of once inside a lifetime not for just its brilliant scenery but additionally for acquiring a taste of the civilization that’s devoid of modern-day distractions.

Where is Raja Ampat?

Upon the easternmost front of Indonesia lies the Papua region, perhaps one of the remotest locations in the planet. Raja Ampat is in West Papua and you‘ll need a permit to go into the region. Regardless of where in Indonesia you‘re flying from, you‘ll presumably result in the following stops :
Point of origin → Makassar → Sorong → Waisai → Your destination

That’s minimum 2 flights, a ferry, and also a boat ride, not counting the taxi rides in between. 

Is Raja Ampat a worthy spot to visit for non-divers? 

Absolutely. Actually, I type of regret having visited Raja Ampat so early on inside my life because It‘s spoiled me forever using its charm. I highly doubt that other island country can impress me more ; here’s why.

For the foremost part Indonesia has everything a traveler wants—scenic locations, greenery, good food, friendly locals as well as high-speed internet. Though it‘s only after visiting Raja Ampat which you discover the uniqueness from the country. 

Firstly, since It‘s almost entirely disconnected from the remainder of the world, you need to be ready to make a couple of adjustments within your lifestyle ; as an example, food. Surprisingly, there aren‘t any fruits or vegetables growing anywhere in Raja Ampat, so your diet will mainly include poultry, fish and rice. 

Your host will be your best friend because There‘s hardly anyone else (aside from other travelers ) to speak with. There isn‘t any electricity so most homestays operate generators through the night for a couple of hours, which suggests no TV, internet or hot water. However the natural beauty that Raja Ampat is endowed with will greater than constitute for these items.

Every island in Raja Ampat has something different to supply

Every island is unique in its own way. On Kri Island you will see the foremost several types of marine creatures and good diving spots. West Waigeo has corals, mangroves and bioluminescent plankton. Further north is Wayag Island which looks much such as the country of Palau. Regardless of which island / homestay you finally choose to remain at, There‘ll be surprises available for you personally. 


If like me you don’t intend to dive in Raja Ampat then you are able to always try snorkeling to discover the fishes and turtles up close. The very best part about my stay at Raja Ampat was that I didn’t need to venture too removed from my homestays to snorkel, every homestay is nestled directly in the middle in an ecological heaven.

However, snorkel gear Isn‘t available to buy or rent anywhere in West Papua, so you need to carry them wherever you‘re flying from. 

It’s the most important aquarium you‘ll ever see 

Because I didn’t dive, I spent the majority of my time upon the jetty of my homestay. Albeit I hadn’t joined another guests in diving in several spots, I‘d been told that I Didn‘t miss much, for I got a very good view around 70% from the species just from my homestay’s jetty.

The view below the jetty would get so exciting sometimes it didn’t really know what to pay out more attention to- the huge school of fish that just arrived, as well as dolphins dancing inside a coordinated fashion just meters away? ! It was eventually like nature’s own huge aquarium. 

A special homestay experience 

I would rather reside in homestays while travelling for several reasons. The most important advantage is which you get to reside as a local inside a friendly family which for me is the simplest way to have the place. Raja Ampat has only a few hotels, so it’s better to choose a homestay. Every evening I might hear the foremost interesting stories from the islands from my hosts.

The locals will teach the finest methods to do business with garbage and ways to make optimum use from the little resources available at their disposal. There‘s much to find out about a good way of life, food and culture and that is unique in numerous ways. A couple of days of no connectivity and also the purest air provides you with mind and body a lot need cleanse. 

P. S. : If non-AC accommodations, staying in bamboo huts with basic mattresses and no wifi aren‘t your thing then you’re more contented waiting until a couple of good hotels show up inside the area to visit Raja Ampat.

Raja Ampat For Non Divers

If you’re a diver, you most likely already know Raja Ampat can be as close as you’re ever visiting be able to arrive at heaven on this planet. The beauty of Raja Ampat’s marine environments is the fact that they are so diverse, rich and accessible which you don’t need to be a diver to become enthralled from the ever changing kaleidoscope of form and colour under the region’s waves. 

There’s an enormous choice of ocean life able to become explored on one lungful of air. Even pelagic species like manta rays could be found near shore in waters shallow enough so that they could be seen simply by donning a mask and snorkel and floating upon the surface… though there’s nothing quite like going for a breath and getting down amongst them ! 

Even though you can’t swim in the least, Raja Ampat’s tides cause it to be possible to discover an amazing choice of marine animals. For a couple of hours daily coral reefs and sand flats emerge coming from the ocean and can also be explored with ease. Coral, fish, rays and octopuses, squid, snakes, jelly and starfish – the shallows and pools created from the outgoing tides are almost as rich like the open ocean. Spend a moment looking down from almost any homestay jetty and you’ll be amazed. 

Above the waterline, the myriad islands from the archipelago present ornate landscapes conjured by wind, wave and rainfall from your ancient limestone. Draped in dense tropical forest and fringed by mangroves, the islands’ baroque topography creates ecological niches every bit as diverse and rich as those under the waves. 

Resounding with bird and insect calls, sheltering birds of paradise, cuscus and countless other kinds of terrestrial life, the jungles of Raja Ampat abound in trekking opportunities but still offer the prospect of encountering creatures and plants yet to become entered in a scientific taxonomy. 

Raja Ampat’s cultural heritage is rich and diverse too, starting from neolithic shell middens and prehistoric cave paintings, through relics coming from the era from the Four Kings who once ruled here and gave the region its name, to remnants of the more recent history such like the cave bunkers and seabed wreckage remaining coming from the Second World War. 

There’s plenty to discover and do in Raja Ampat, but simultaneously, you couldn’t pick a far better spot to stay away from all of it. Involving the jungle’s dawn bird chorus and also the ocean’s reflected sunset glow there’s nothing however the calm passing of another day, lost inside a tropical island paradise.

Ke Raja Ampat Gratis

Mau Ke Raja Ampat Gratis ? ~ Siapa sich yang tidak ingin wisata ke Pulau Raja Ampat, apalagi secara gratis alias tidak bayar. Ini ada kesempatan buat kamu yang ingin merasakan wisata gratis ke Raja Ampat.

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4 Pulau Besar di Raja Ampat

4 Pulau Besar Raja Ampat ~ Pulau besar di Raja Ampat adalah Pulau Salawati, Pulau Misool, Pulau Waigeo, dan Pulau Batanta. Untuk sampai di kepulauan Raja Ampat, tempat paling dekat yang dapat dijangkau pesawat terbang yaitu kota Sorong, dengan jarak tempuh sekitar 6 jam penerbangan dari Jakarta. Biasanya pesawat akan transit di Makassar atau Manado. Maskapai yang mempunyai jadwal penerbangan menuju Sorong antara lain Silk Air, Garuda Indonesia, Pelita Air, & Merpati. Setelah itu, Teman-teman akan menuju Waisai, ibu kota Raja Ampat.

Alor Vs Raja Ampat

Ask Alor Vs Raja Ampat ~ I am likely going to be in Indonesia throughout the majority from the month of July (9th-ish to early August ) and am owning a tough time deciding on where to reach. This is a dive trip, first and foremost, and can be using Singapore like a port of entry and exit into and from Asia. 

I visited Raja Ampat last summer (along with Lembeh and Bunaken beforehand ) and can also attest to it is awe-inspiring and almost emotionally-driven diving. I want to switch it up but am having problems considering anything but Raja Ampat like the crown jewel from the trip. The dilemma is We have been offered an excellent rate on the fantastic boat for either Alor or Komodo.

Because Sorido Bay which boat (even with rate ) are extremely expensive (roughly a similar price ) one area will certainly be dove this point, another subsequent Indonesia trip. That‘s the meat of my dilemma. Would Alor or Komodo be a big fall off from Raja Ampat? Would they be better? I read that Alor is not required to carry out by LOB but Komodo is. If I dive Raja Ampat, I do know when I get straight into the water, I will be able to do not have regrets about the choice. I am just wondering if I'd feel a similar way at Alor or Komodo - or if I'd be regretting not going to Raja Ampat. 

To complete the remainder of the month with phenomenal diving (if doing Raja Ampat ) - it is Indonesia, can there be anything remotely near lackluster diving? - I am considering starting in Bali up North for roughly every week, then heading as much as Lembeh to obtain some time using the bizarre, then onto the Putiraja LOB in Raja Ampat for about 4-5 days and lastly finishing up with every week at Sorido Bay. Are Molas Molas possible to discover around Nusa Penida / Nusa Lembongan this point of year? Does anyone have experience using the Putiraja? 

My other option is to carry out Bali after which spend the remainder of the amount of in time Alor and / or Komodo. Unfortunately this probably means no muck diving (something I prefer adding on the dive trip ). It will, however, mean I am going to get to understand more about a brand new section of Indonesia that really intrigues me. Does Komodo or Alor have a similar allure (or greater ) as Raja Ampat to anyone? Everything I read about both is fantastic, in fact. 

Ugh, the professionals and cons. Thanks to take time to learn my lengthy email. This can be a tough decision ! Happy diving.

Answer Alor Vs Raja Ampat

Yes Raja Ampat is one of the greatest dive areas in the world and so is Komodo and the only way to compare one to the other is to go see them both.

Its like visiting Machu Pichu and then saying should I go to Angor Watt in Cambodia, of course you should they are both incredible. If you actually go to Komodo and say that geez I wished I would not have gone we would be very surprised and so would many others, IE your a hard man to please!As far as the Muck diving if you are just doing a liveaboard to Komodo you would have to make sure they are doing a side trip to Alor or they will probably only stop in one spot or two along the way for muck dives which is not as good.

As far as other areas in Indonesia to dive that rate up with Raja and Komodo my wife really hates for me to share this but the southern part of Borneo Indonesia around the islands of Derawan,Sangalaki and Kakaban are just awesome. For a combination of critter diving,large schools of fish,corals etc. etc it is hard to beat, we dove at times with up to 50 mantas at a time and there is a non stinging jellyfish lake that rivals the one in Palau. Really would like to keep this one quite but its just to good heres a link for some info.

Sawinggrai Village Raja Ampat

Sawinggrai village is located inside the Meos Mansar district, Raja Ampat, West Papua province. It‘s among the foremost recognized village besides Arborek inside the same district. This village has 36 families and it‘s prominent to the Cenderawasih, the Bird of Paradise, the icon of Papua raised during this village. The Red Bird of Paradise is that the special icon from the village of Sawinggrai.

There will be four species of Cenderawasih reared during this village, namely the Red Bird of Paradise, the Wilson’s Bird of Paradise, the Lesser Bird of Paradise, and also the Greater Bird of Paradise. Many of the birds can perform movements that resemble a unique dance.

To Eat ~ Sawinggrai Village Raja Ampat

Not any restaurants and food stalls can be found here, but you could find shops selling food supplies in Waisai or Sorong. If you would like to locate more sort of food apart from seafood upon the menu, it is advisable to attend Sorong. 

If you would like to discover the birds dancing (usually each morning or afternoon), avoid coming between December and February since the birds lay eggs during this time period.

To Stay ~ Sawinggrai Village Raja Ampat

The nearest temporary shelters listed below are The KRI Eco Resort and The Sorido Bay Resort managed by Papua Diving. In Yenbuba, addititionally there is one owned by Dedy Mayor. If you are looking at living inside an eco resort, attempt to visit Misool Eco Resort, where cottages are almost totally built from salvaged wood. Here you will see colorful fish and reef in shallow water, just right across your eco-friendly cottage.

To Do ~ Sawinggrai Village Raja Ampat

During this village, we will see dancing Cenderawasih inside the mornings and afternoons. These birds of paradise usually perform each morning (06.30 - 07.30 local time ), and inside the afternoon (16.30 - 18.00). It is very important arrive in time to discover these birds dancing. Tourists usually arrive in the location half-hour until the ‘dancing show’. Additionally, feeding the fish is likewise a fascinating activity. Fish at this pier are extremely friendly. They‘re going to swim to obtain their food from our hand.

Get There ~ Sawinggrai Village Raja Ampat

Sawinggrai Village is located inside the Meos Mansar district, Raja Ampat. To attain this location, It‘s easier to start out your exciting journey from Sorong. 

There are many flights you are able to take from Jakarta or Makassar to Sorong ; e. g., Merpati Air, Express Air, and Lion Air (See how you can get to Sorong for info on flights ). For sea transportation, ships transiting in Port Sorong will be the Dorolonda, Labobar, Gunung Dempo, Sinabung, and also the Tatamailau. 

sawinggrai village papua desa sawinggrai kampung sawinggrai desa sawinggrai raja ampat desa wisata sawinggrai sawinggrai raja ampat
From Sorong, have a motorboat coming from the Sorong Fishery Port to Waisai, capital city from the Raja Ampat district. From Waisai, you are able to continue your exciting journey by longboat to Sawinggrai. 

To attain the Cenderawasih observation site, you need to climb up Manjai Hill behind the village for about half-hour. While to attain the cultured fish-feeding site, you have to walk only about 100 meters towards the pier.