Climate and Weather Raja Ampat

Climate and Weather Raja Ampat ~ Geographical location in the archipelago equator makes Raja Ampat archipelago a humid and hot tropical island. Sunny weather with blue or cloudy white skies is a common weather lasting almost along the year.

This is certainly very attractive to those of you who like to document or capture your trip with photos and a video camera. The time before until the sunset is the best moment until the moment before sunrise is the best time to capture the nature of Raja Ampat. In this range of time Raja Ampat will present the scenic view no word can describe. 

Weather Raja Ampat

The lowest air temperature is 23.5° C and the highest air temperature is 31.2 ° C with an average temperature of 27.4 ° C. The rain intensity in this region is about 2,000 mm/year varying between the dry and rainy season is not so clear as in Papua in general. Raja Ampat is influenced by monsoon winds; the month from May to November Southeast trade wind is blowing and the months from December to April the north wind is blowing. (Source: Enchanting Variety of Raja Ampat Tourism).best weather raja ampat raja ampat monthly weather average weather in raja ampat today weather report raja ampat

Raja Ampat Papua Indonesia

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