Alor Vs Raja Ampat

Ask Alor Vs Raja Ampat ~ I am likely going to be in Indonesia throughout the majority from the month of July (9th-ish to early August ) and am owning a tough time deciding on where to reach. This is a dive trip, first and foremost, and can be using Singapore like a port of entry and exit into and from Asia. 

I visited Raja Ampat last summer (along with Lembeh and Bunaken beforehand ) and can also attest to it is awe-inspiring and almost emotionally-driven diving. I want to switch it up but am having problems considering anything but Raja Ampat like the crown jewel from the trip. The dilemma is We have been offered an excellent rate on the fantastic boat for either Alor or Komodo.

Because Sorido Bay which boat (even with rate ) are extremely expensive (roughly a similar price ) one area will certainly be dove this point, another subsequent Indonesia trip. That‘s the meat of my dilemma. Would Alor or Komodo be a big fall off from Raja Ampat? Would they be better? I read that Alor is not required to carry out by LOB but Komodo is. If I dive Raja Ampat, I do know when I get straight into the water, I will be able to do not have regrets about the choice. I am just wondering if I'd feel a similar way at Alor or Komodo - or if I'd be regretting not going to Raja Ampat. 

To complete the remainder of the month with phenomenal diving (if doing Raja Ampat ) - it is Indonesia, can there be anything remotely near lackluster diving? - I am considering starting in Bali up North for roughly every week, then heading as much as Lembeh to obtain some time using the bizarre, then onto the Putiraja LOB in Raja Ampat for about 4-5 days and lastly finishing up with every week at Sorido Bay. Are Molas Molas possible to discover around Nusa Penida / Nusa Lembongan this point of year? Does anyone have experience using the Putiraja? 

My other option is to carry out Bali after which spend the remainder of the amount of in time Alor and / or Komodo. Unfortunately this probably means no muck diving (something I prefer adding on the dive trip ). It will, however, mean I am going to get to understand more about a brand new section of Indonesia that really intrigues me. Does Komodo or Alor have a similar allure (or greater ) as Raja Ampat to anyone? Everything I read about both is fantastic, in fact. 

Ugh, the professionals and cons. Thanks to take time to learn my lengthy email. This can be a tough decision ! Happy diving.

Answer Alor Vs Raja Ampat

Yes Raja Ampat is one of the greatest dive areas in the world and so is Komodo and the only way to compare one to the other is to go see them both.

Its like visiting Machu Pichu and then saying should I go to Angor Watt in Cambodia, of course you should they are both incredible. If you actually go to Komodo and say that geez I wished I would not have gone we would be very surprised and so would many others, IE your a hard man to please!As far as the Muck diving if you are just doing a liveaboard to Komodo you would have to make sure they are doing a side trip to Alor or they will probably only stop in one spot or two along the way for muck dives which is not as good.

As far as other areas in Indonesia to dive that rate up with Raja and Komodo my wife really hates for me to share this but the southern part of Borneo Indonesia around the islands of Derawan,Sangalaki and Kakaban are just awesome. For a combination of critter diving,large schools of fish,corals etc. etc it is hard to beat, we dove at times with up to 50 mantas at a time and there is a non stinging jellyfish lake that rivals the one in Palau. Really would like to keep this one quite but its just to good heres a link for some info.

Raja Ampat Papua Indonesia

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