Kofiau Island In Raja Ampat

Kofiau Island In Raja Ampat ~ From the northwest tip of Bird's Head Peninsula upon the island of New Guinea in Indonesia's West Papua province lies a unique little island among the many Raja Ampat Archipelago or Four Kings Islands. Kofiau Island is that the smaller and least visited amongst the main islands in Raja Ampat, the world’s coral diversity bull’s eye.

This island is comprised primarily of raised coral limestone and a few volcanic hills covered in low lush rainforest, all offering an abundance of nature & beautiful scenery. In case you ever wanted to reach where few others happen to be, head this manner. There will be 43 islands in Kofiau totaling 55, 735 acres of land and 206, 802 acres of marine area. While Kofiau’s tropical rain forest hosts the endemic and rare Kofiau Paradise Kingfisher, Kofiau Monarch and Kofiau Green-tree Python, its marine life boasts many of the highest marine diversity recorded anywhere upon the planet. 

Kofiau Island In Raja Ampat

During the past, the illegal dynamite fishing and poisonous chemical fishing caused lots of harm to the coral. As section of the preservation of natural resources inside the Raja Ampart region, two international institutions named CI (Conservation International ) and TNC (The Nature Conservancy ) happen to be found out upon the island of Kofiau, which is just one of seven MPAs (Marine Protected Area ) inside the Raja Ampat Archipelago.

With numerous islands making up Kofiau, the three original villages are located on smaller islands from the coast, while new villages have only recently been developed on Kofiau Proper. The folks during these villages, namely Deer, Dibalal and Tolobi are provided with sports equipment, elementary-school and teaching supplies, a solar-powered refrigerator and basic medical equipmen for their health-care centres in exchange for more than 41, 000 acres of no-take Marine Protected Area (MPA ) for 10 years.

To Do ~ Kofiau Island

Swimming and sunbathing upon the beaches, snorkeling, diving and underwater photography in marine-rich coral reefs. Take care to not damage the coral anywhere during these areas that more inclined no-take zones. Exploration by dingy, shore hiking, beachcombing. 

Take an adventurous hike for an inland lake opposite Deer Village. Hopefully if you’re lucky, somewhere on the way you‘ll witness the dance from the dazzling red bird of paradise, or glimpse a slithering Kofiau Green-tree python, or catch the flapping of passing hornbills, or hear shrieks from the crested cockatoo. 

Towards the southwest of Kofiau Proper lie a gaggle of flat sandy islands, including Walo where a few recognized dive spots await your exploration. There may even be more.
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Raja Ampat Papua Indonesia

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